PIX 24


1)Q. Do you provide free software? A .Yes, You will have to download the software which we provide. This will allow you to upload your pictures and get the fun started creating your custom Photo Book.

2)Q. How many Pages does the book consist of? A.22 Pages in total. B. 1st page used for front cover and last page for back cover. C.10 double sided pages totaling 20pages + Front and Back Cover

3)Q. What Computer is the software compatible with ? A..The software is only compatible with Windows operating system. B.if you are using a Mac you can use any software you like as long as you send us a PDF document of 22 pages Page 1 and 22 are your front and back cover

4) Q. What programme will we use to upload pictures for the Photo Book? A.There is an upload feature on our home page

5) Q. Where do I upload the artwork(pictures) once complete? A. Save the file as a “.dtp” and upload it on our webpage www.pix24.co.za, click on the link located on the left center labelled “ UPLOAD ART WORK”.

6) Q. Do we set up our own artwork? A. Yes, you custom make your own book and layout the pictures however you would like.

7) Q. How many pictures are we allowed per page? A. However many you would like. Please note that the more pictures you upload the smaller they will be in the book.

8) Q. Are we allowed to insert captions? A. Yes. The only limitation is your imagination.

9) Q. Are we allowed to place borders? A. Yes again if you can create it we can print it

10) Q. Is the book portrait or landscape? A. You have the choice of how you would like the pictures to be placed.

11) Q. What size is the book? A. A5

12) Q. Can I upgrade to an A4 Book? A. Yes you can, at an additional cost of R150 per book.

13) Q. Can have more than 20pages in the book? A. You can add pages to the book in multiples of 2 at a cost of R12 / 2 pages (one double sided A5)

14) Q. Can we print two different books or must it be the same? A. It is entirely your preference. 15) Q. Can I purchase more than 1 voucher? A. Yes you can, there sre no limits placed.

16) Q. What is the lead time? A. 10 to 14 working days. 17) Q. Can we deliver to a P.O.Box address? A. No, we require a physical address for delivery.

18) Q. Can we buy directly from PiX 24 A. Yes, but the same deal will not apply. You will be able to purchase from us at full cost which is PiX 24 set prices.